O2 Energy’s oxygen canisters are available for purchase on our website. We offer many different canisters in various forms to fit your needs. Small, medium or large, our canned oxygen comes in several different sizes. Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll set you up with a product we guarantee you’ll love!

  • Is it Safe?

    Our recreational oxygen is 100% safe and effective. Many celebrities—such as Simon Cowell, Rob Lowe and Ellen—even utilize canned oxygen whenever they’re on the go! Oxygen is naturally occurring and absolutely safe to inhale by anyone.

  • Does it Work?

    When your energy level drops, your performance suffers. For a quick boost of energy, grab a can of O2 Energy oxygen and inhale to rejuvenate your mind and body. Just a few breaths of our oxygen will increase your energy and enhance your alertness. Buy individual cans or an entire pack and store them in your desk, car, purse, or gym bag for whenever you need a quick oxygen fix.

  • Shipping Directly to You

    Travel often? Although canned oxygen is not TSA approved, we’d be happy to ship your order to your vacation destination—just let us know where you’re going or what hotel you’ll be staying at and we’ll make sure it will be there before you arrive!


Using O2 Energy Cans of Oxygen

There’s no reason to be intimidated by O2 Energy’s oxygen canisters! They’re easy to use; just follow these basic instructions:
Exhale deeply, expelling all breath from your lungs.

  • Put your O2 Energy can up to your face, just a few inches away from where you’ll inhale.
  • With your dominant hand, press the button located on the top of the canister.
  • Inhale pure O2 through your mouth or nose.
  • Depending on how much oxygen you need, three to five breaths is usually enough.

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Want to Give Canned Oxygen a Try?

Contact us at 317-462-3301 or browse our website! We’ll walk you through how to purchase an O2 Energy product and offer a few tips and tricks when using your canned oxygen.

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